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Garcinia Cambogia

Demanding to be slim is not a new issue to be discussed.

Yes, the desire to look that perfect size with abs and six packs is quite a controversy for many who claim that these are stereotypical views and damages men’s (especially women’s) portrayal in a specific way.

However, obesity is not good for the body even if we consider and respect the physical appearance domain to not get prejudiced.




The most evident health adversities that risk obese victims are:

  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Hypertension
  • Stroke
  • “Even the World Health Organization believes that obesity is nothing but an abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that can risk a man’s life.”

Research claims that considering the rate of increase in obese people, more than half the population of America would be obese by 2030.

In the fast paced active lifestyle we all run for shortcut methods for gaining everything. We run behind the canned foods that are in ready-to-cook form and put them in fast paced appliance like microwaves to get things done in the least possible time.

Then why compromise with time on losing weight?

That exactly is what Garcinia Cambogia gives you – A safe, easy and cheap remedy for assured weight loss.


How is Garcinia Cambogia different from other weight loss supplements?

  • If you are a follower of Dr. Oz’s popular television show, you would definitely know what we are going to discuss under this topic.
  • “The newest, fastest fat buster and one of the least expensive too is Garcinia Cambogia extract”, said Dr. Oz that spot lit the sales of this recently buzzed product.

Although many claim it to be a recent discovery in Indonesia, this plant is a native of India.

  • It has been traditionally used in medicines and cooking in the southern part of India.
  • The Holy Grail of Weight Loss, Garcinia Cambogia is too good to be true! With Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) as its main compound.

Gambooge is helpful in primarily two ways:

  • Blocks fat composition
  • Reduces appetite (subsequently controlling overeating)
  • This is why Dr. Julie Chen, a health specialist in integrative medicine calls it a,
  • ‘’ Dual action fat buster’’ in the popular American television show by Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Many of you would be questioning,

’’Why should I go for any external supplement consumption when exercises and diets can help?’’

Well, the question is rhetorical because we all know that these procedures are good but are time consuming. Of course, even if you are consuming natural supplements exercising and eating healthy are universal truths about living good life.

However, for weight loss, Gambooge has been proven to cause:

  • “2-3 times more weight loss than exercise or dieting”, as Dr. Julie Chen adds.
  • It enhances metabolic activity and triggers spontaneous weight loss
  • It increases energy level thus generating vigour and zest
  • It increases serotonin secretion thus controlling emotional eaters
  • With higher serotonin level depression , anxiety and insomnia is cured
  • With a sour taste, this pumpkin shaped fruit is a type of tamarind that was in traditional use.

It was used for several properties in the Ayurvedic medicines:

  • Anti astringent
  • Anti oxidant
  • Demulcent
  • Anti carcinogen
  • Anti catarrhal
  • Anti constipation

However, today discoveries have given new meaning to its usage and the isolated compound of the rind of the fruit gives us the miraculous capsules for natural weight loss.



How does it induce rapid weight loss?

Garcinia Cambogia has rich content of Hydroxycitric acid or HCA that gives this fruit the miraculous power to cure obesity.

It is rarely found component that makes this fruit even more special.

  • The main reason why this fruit causes spontaneous weight loss is because of its dual action.
  • On one hand, the HCA prevents the production of fat during the digestion of food
  • On the other hand, it suppresses appetite by increasing the serotonin level.
  • It works for those who are not just instinctive eater.
  • Emotional eaters often have the tendency to eat during depressive states and the craving is mainly towards calorie rich foods in uncountable quantity.
  • HCA avoids those untimely cravings when your body is actually not empty but your brain gets early messages for eating due to lesser serotonin secretion.
  • Hence, the more serotonin you have the lesser is your binge eating
  • It is also known to cure anorexic tendencies when you stop eating due to loss of appetite.

Hence, Gambooge is that natural healer and balance master for your body food.

Garcinia Cambogia Benefits

  • Fat Blocker: Gambooge stops the fat cells to be developed in the body and this works more effectively when consumed on a regular basis.
  • This helps to use up the extra stored fat that the body could not convert to energy as the food intake was more than the food digested.
  • It prevents the liver from storing of the fat cells and instead aid in direct conversion of glucose to energy (glycogen).
  • Fat Burner: Garcinia Cambogia helps to burn down the excess fat when our body has lesser food. That is why we are always advised to have lesser amounts of food in more number of intervals so that we can give enough time to our body to digest.
  • When our emotional eating does not work, then our body starts working on the fat already stored.
  • It is just like we take up the old pending works that were lesser important during our relaxing time in office after we are done with our more important and tedious works are completed.
  • Appetite Suppressant: Obese people always eat more. Just like this universal fact, we also know that if he eats lesser there are chances of him losing weight.
  • But did you have further know how that sometimes only eating less doesn’t work? Many who exercise also fail to lose that excess fat. In such cases, Garcinia Cambogia is the answer.
  • If you can suppress your hunger then your exercises would automatically give you the result.
  • Untimely snacking is a silent culprit that Gambooge also silently fights with.
  • Mood Catalyst: Garcinia Cambogia helps to avoid depression and anxiety by increasing serotonin secretion, a neurotransmitter in the brain.
  • This keeps us happy and satisfied from within even with our food intake levels. As a result we feel more energized.
  • Cortisol Stimulator: Gambooge is known to increase cortisol level in the body that regulates stress level.
  • Belly Fighter: Garcinia’s unique capability to regulate cortisol has another added advantage.
  • Cortisol affects the belly fat storage in our body with Garcinia Cambogia, you never know when you are the next zero figure aspirant!
  • Anti oxidant: As an effective anti oxidant Gambooge fights the free radicals in the body that hampers our immunity. It detoxifies your body and cleanses your skin giving it a radiant glow.
  • Anti cancerous: Cambogia has been traditionally etched in the Indian Ayurveda for its anti carcinogen properties and its treats certain kind of cancer.
  • Controls Blood Pressure and Cholesterol: Garcinia Cambogia has the ability to reduce risks of heart diseases by not only avoiding obesity but also by controlling blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Safe, natural and cheap: Dr. Oz had promoted numerous natural supplements in his popular TV show yet he particularly was impressed with its triple power and promoted its quality as not just a physical partner but also as your pocket partner.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

  • The most popular form of usage of the fruit is in its raw form in multiple Indian dishes for garnishing and adding its tart flavor to food.
  • The rind is the part usually used for making capsules and selling them.
  •  The usual consumption level recommended is 1600 mg that usually is in the form of two capsules.
  • They should be consumed at least half an hour before a proper meal and not more than twice a day breaking the consumption into 800 mg dosage for a day.
  • Although a lot of rumors are there about its ill effects, you should always be the smart consumer.


You know what you want – To lose weight, right? So, ignore those speak without facts. In our case the biggest fact is the support of eminent medical experts like:

‘Dr. Oz and Dr. Julie Chen’

  • “Their popularity is not mere hype then millions of Americans would not have followed him religiously.”

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

Garcinia Cambogia does not have any side effect.

  • Two most authentic facts that prove it are:
  • Even Dr. Oz says that because Gambooge although discovered newly in the West is not really a recent discovery.
  • Indian Ayurveda has used it for time immemorial and survived the test of time. Hence, it cannot be blamed with wrong allegations as such.
  • However, the dosage always varies with age just as our food consumption is different for different ages.
  • Irrespective of your age and sex, Garcinia Cambogia works universally like the true ‘Holy Grail’ as it is named and justifies its existence.


Here are few inspiring Garcinia Cambogia Extract Reviews or Testimonials that can change your life too:

  • Crystal H. Roe, an American female, 4329 Ritter Avenue Detroit, MI 48226, works as a Food Cooking Machine Tender at the Alexander’s Retreat, she has been immensely happy after using the product. She says:

“I am a foodie and my profession makes it worse for me to stop it. I was depressed with my habit but it seemed to engulf me more. I did not know how to avoid and got disgusted with my own incapability. Even though you work in a company that deals with food, you still have to look slim and toned to suit your work needs that is rigorous. Garcinia Cambogia was my God’s blessed magical potion that changed my life in just few days. A week passed by and my husband returned from an official trip. You had to see it to believe it! I had never seen him feel more happier when he discovered my change and lifted me up like a new bride groom after 11 years of our marriage!’’

  • Iliana J. Hartzell, another American lady, 1769 Finwood Road New Brunswick, NJ 08901, is a farm equipment mechanic by profession who works with the Century house. She is marvelled at the product’s benefits that she experienced over the time.

“I have working with the Century house for the past 3 years and got married two years back. Everything went fine till then until recently after my baby’s delivery, my life got me into a traumatic phase. I did everything possible, hunted down every supplement and tried all my exercises but in vain. My husband supported me all the way and kept worrying as I kept bloating up abnormally beyond my control. Doctor’s advice didn’t work much until one day my husband watched Dr. Oz’s show that promoted the wondrous Gambooge. Without much thought, my husband rushed for purchasing it online and I started using it soon after. Please buy a bottle and then notice the difference. I can vouch for the safety and rather a better life I have now. I am a happy, slim, energetic mother and the old romantic wife my husband was willing to get back to.”

  • Stephen J. Aaron, 3294 Winding Way Providence, RI 02903 is yet another American man who works as a Construction equipment operator with Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour. He is impressed with the product and plans to buy more of it.

I have to admit that after numerous fat burning supplements Garcinia Cambogia changed my perception about life and made me believe that yes, losing weight is possible! It is definitely not easy to lose weight especially in your abdominal area. Due to excess weight I often had digestion and breathing issues. I could not exercise much due to by bulging belly that made me shy even to join any gym or try yoga as that required flexibility. I was distressed and nervous about my life expectancy as well. Garcinia Cambogia made me believe in life. It is not harmful and even my daughter has started using it. She feels as better as I did when I consumed my first bottle of the product.”


Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss

Well, if something is graciously acknowledged with a religious fervour to be called so much so as the Holy Grail, then no extra explanation is needed I suppose!

One of the greatest gifts of Nature, this fruit is just beyond explanation for its good qualities.

Why should people buy it instantly?

If you have been struggling for a weight loss effect for quite long then waiting further wouldn’t help.

Would it?

Then if you have to find out like all those multiple diets, exercises and supplements if this product works or not then do not waste your time.

Time is precious; more so to lose your belly fat that has been adamantly sticking to your body for years together.

  • Go get rid of them!

Why does Dr. Oz recommend it?

Dr Oz has researched enough on how numerous users struggling to reduce fat have several techniques but all in vain.

  • He says it may be the ‘’simple solution you have been looking for the buster body fat, for good’’.
  • He adds that he is ‘intrigued’ by how this works.
  • To add more, he further stated that, “People from all age groups can consume it without any worries, irrespective of their gender and health issues, as Garcinia Cambogia does not have any side effects or reactions.It simply facilitates weight loss and boosts the human mechanism as well.”

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